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Invest in your future holidays with a 30% discount limited edition

When buying a Travel Voucher with open dates you can later plan your holidays in the always beautiful Lisbon. This is the ideal alternative for all those who know that they will want to travel but do not yet know when. No commitment of dates and not being dependent on Cancellation Policies and with the advantage of a super discount of 30% when purchasing a Travel Voucher. Now you buy with the advantage of a big discount, and later you decide when you want to travel.
And here at Zuzabed in Lisbon historic city center, we will always be ready to welcome you with a friendly & genuine smile, and we will do everything we can so you spend some fantastic days with us while visitng our beautiful capital city.

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid to be redeemed from January 1st 2021

  • Valid until December 31st 2022

  • The minimum value of each voucher is €300 Euros (pay only €210)

  • Voucher value is to be deducted from the room reservation total

  • Cannot be used with other vouchers or promotional rates

  • Valid on accommodation Regular Rate only for all Zuza properties

  • Not valid to pay Lisbon Tourism Taxes

  • Sent by email only to the email address you provide in the purchase

  • To be sent immediately and confirmed upon receipt of payment

​Voucher savings example: 

   - Buy a €500 Euros Voucher

   - Pay only €350 Euros

   - You save €150 Euros

Additional Conditions

  • The Travel Voucher is valid until December 31st 2022. Once this period has passed, the voucher expires and it is not possible to reactivate it. 

  • The Voucher amount will be deducted from the total amount of your accommodation reservation.

  • The Voucher can be used for accommodation services in all properties of the Zuzabed Accommodations Group in Lisbon Portugal, and only for reservations made with the Regular Rate available for the selected dates.

  • A Voucher can only be used on one reservation. If the total amount of the stay is less than the value of the Travel Voucher, the difference will not be refunded. 

  • It is not possible to use multiple vouchers in a reservation, that is, each reservation allows the use of only one Voucher.

  • Cancellations: Reservations made with the Travel Voucher can be cancelled according to the Regular Rate Cancellation Policy you have contracted. However, when cancelling, the Voucher will become inactive and not be available for a new reservation.

  • Reservation paid with Travel Voucher can be changed to a different date only once. The change dates request have to be made 45 days before check-in day of existing reservation. New dates need to be until December 31st, 2022.

  • Voucher value is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance, regardless the cancellation reason.

  • The voucher is sent to the email indicated at the time of purchase. It is important that you keep your e-voucher code until it is actually used.  

  • The use of the Voucher requires an accommodation reservation to be made online on  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I buy the Travel Voucher? 

The Voucher must be bought online on where you'll be redirected to our online reservation system for the purchase.

On our website you can click on link buttons SEE AVAILABILITY & PRICES or BUY VOUCHER also available on this same page.

2. How can I choose the value of my Travel Voucher? 

The minimum value of each Voucher is €300 Euros and the value can be added in multiples of €100 euros.

When using our online booking engine, each unit (day) you select has the value of €100 Euros. If you want a Voucher with the value of €500 Euros, you will have to select 5 units (days) in the calendar system. It doesn't matter the days and months you select in the calendar. Remember, when buying the voucher you are not selecting your travel days; that, you will do later (FAQ #5); anyway, you may select your travel dates just to have a value reference when buying the voucher.

To increase the value of your Voucher you select days in the calendar. Remember you are buying a Travel Voucher, which means you are buying a value, not a number of nights. The number of days you select are the only way to increase the value of your Voucher.

The system will show you the value of your Voucher with a 30% discount already built-in for payment.

The value of your Voucher will be the amount selected before discount.

Ex: Buy a €500 Euros Voucher = pay only €350 Euros = you have saved €150 Euros


3. How do I receive the Travel Voucher? 

Delivery is made by email after confirmation of purchase/payment. Please reconfirm the email indicated before making the payment. It is important that you keep your digital Voucher until it is actually used/redeemed. 


4. When I’m buying the Voucher, will the dates I selected be my travel dates?

No. you are buying a Travel Voucher with no dates associated, which means that your Voucher will have open dates.

To increase the value of your Voucher you need to add units by selecting the number of calendar days in system (each unit = €100 Euros). At the end you are buying a Travel Voucher, which means you are buying only a value, not the number of nights. You buy a value to use later in a future accommodation reservation.


5. When and how can I select my travel dates and accommodation?

You select your travel dates (in>out) and desired accommodation only when doing your accommodation reservation on and after you buy the Voucher.


6. How can I use the Travel Voucher? 

The Voucher and its value has to be used on when completing your accommodation reservation. This can be done from the moment of purchase after receiving the Payment Confirmation email stating receipt of payment.

When completing the accommodation reservation, you only have to write the voucher code in the NOTES field you find on the online reservation form. The Voucher amount will be deducted from the total of your reservation.


7. How can I pay for a reservation with the Travel Voucher? 

The Voucher that has a value less than the value of the reservation, is accepted as a method of payment for part of the reservation, and the remaining amount must be paid through another payment method. The Travel Voucher that has a value equal to or greater than the value of the reservation, will be accepted as a method of payment of the reservation, with the value of the reservation being fully paid by the Voucher. If the face value of the Voucher is higher than the value of the reservation, no refund of the remaining amount will be made. 


8. What is the expiration date of the Travel Voucher? 

The Voucher is valid until December 31st 2022. The Voucher must be used until this date. The check-out date of your reservation must also be within the validity period of the Voucher. 


9. Can I accumulate value of several Travel Vouchers in one reservation? 

No. Only one Voucher code can be used per reservation.


10. Can I cancel my reservation paid with a Voucher?

Yes. Reservations made with a Travel Voucher can be cancelled according to Regular Rate Cancellation Policy of the accommodation booked. 

However, when cancelling the Voucher it will become inactive and not be available for a new reservation.

The Voucher value is always NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance and regardless of the cancellation reason. No-Refund also applies in the event the Voucher is not used by its validity date (December 31st 2022).

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